Andrew Baker

Andrew Baker


I am a fifteen year old sports loving fanatic. I'm trying to live my dream and become a worl renowned sports broadcaster.

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  • Dave Morrison posted 3091 days ago

    Dave Morrison

    Hi Andrew—this is Dave Morrison, Bleacher Report's Community Coordinator.

    I had to delete/edit the following comment as it violates our Terms of Use: "Hey bitch, go fuck yourself and mind your buisness. OK cock-sucker?"

    Please avoid using profanity/making personal attacks language in the threads. Consider this a formal warning.


  • David K posted 3112 days ago

    David K

    I really dislike having to come at you this way, especially this being the first time i've read a post from you. But copying and pasting an article from without any reference whatsoever might get you in trouble. This is for your own good.

    Unless you are Mark Kriegel, that is probably not a good idea.