I am a massive sports fanatic! Writing constructive & informative articles via the online media is a great way to discuss sport in a fair manner. In World Football, at club level I support Manchester United & at national level I support England, as I moved there at age 12. I was born and lived in New Delhi, India so am a huge fan of the Indian Cricket team. I watch a range of sports; World Football, Cricket, Tennis, Olympic Games, F1, MMA etc.

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  • Dorothy Willis posted 2835 days ago

    Dorothy Willis

    I hope you will write more MMA aticles in the future.

  • Jon Grilz posted 2842 days ago

    Jon Grilz

    The article looked really good. It is obvious that you have done some writing like this before. The more articles that you can turn out like this the better. You showed great balance between both points of view. Perhaps the only recommendation I would have would be to get to the meat of the story sooner.

    Your title suggested a break down of the fight. The lead in was good, but it didn't really need to be there. Pull in the reader quickly and get to the just of the story.

    Otherwise, great job and welcome to the Bleacher Report!

  • Dorothy Willis posted 2845 days ago

    Dorothy Willis

    I am very glad that MMA is included in your favorite sport's line-up. Your article is very good. Welcome to the MMA community!

  • Joe G posted 2849 days ago

    Joe G

    Thanks for the fan add, Varun!

  • Salaar Shamsi posted 2850 days ago

    Salaar Shamsi

    Hey Varun,

    Welcome to our Bleacher Report World Football Community. I can see you've got of to a flying start. I enjoyed reading your first two articles. Keep up the good work.

    Dont Hesitate to ask me or Andrew McNair if you have any questions. Thanks again and I hope you enjoy being a part of our ever growing community

    World Football CL