I am a hockey fanatic, followed closely by the NFL. I have no use for the NBA and will trash it with every chance I get!

When writing articles I do my best to let the 'fan boy' side of me stay hidden, but it may come out in comments. Love all the different opinions out there, it would be boring if we all agreed. Try not to take any of it too seriously and have fun!!

I can be bought with good Irish whiskey!

I also write for The Hockey Writers (http://thehockeywriters.com/) and do some music writing for Culture Mob (http://culturemob.com/seattle/) so go to those sites as well. You can also catch me on twitter @andyeide for more inane ramblings about hockey and whatever else is going on.

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  • Matt Melbye posted 2241 days ago

    Matt Melbye

    If any of you are interested in a fantasy hockey league I need a few more owners in an established yahoo league. It's the 7th year for my H2H points based league. Live draft is tomorrow night at 7:30. All of the owners are active all season. League ID is 34284 password is 1. I look forward to seeing you.

  • Franklin Steele posted 2241 days ago

    Franklin Steele

    Congratulations on your 100th post. Just had mine today as well. Cheers.

  • Kyle Langan posted 2250 days ago

    Kyle Langan

    Hey, would you be able to send your e mail to klangan@omnipossible.com? I want to get the B/R community leaders on a mailing list for a press release on behalf of Sports Media 101.


  • Nicholas Goss posted 2267 days ago

    Nicholas Goss

    I saw the Canucks tweeted one of your articles, that's awesome!!!

  • Adam Graham posted 2276 days ago

    Adam Graham

    I just found out that Iilahti isn't able to get out of his contract with his Finnish team and isn't allowed to play for the Giants this season. What a pain. Oh well.

  • Adam Graham posted 2281 days ago

    Adam Graham

    Ya, for sure. I didn't mention before that Iilahti is a goalie, so hopefully he gets the start when you go to watch. I have no idea how good he is right now, but even though he was a late round draft pick by the Canucks, just the fact he was drafted at all is a good sign.

  • Adam Graham posted 2286 days ago

    Adam Graham

    The Giants I think will be better than last year, not that they were bad or anything. They finished 5th in the Western Conference and got swept in the first round of the playoffs.

    I'd be very surprised if they win the WHL or even make the finals, but I think Brendan Gallagher is going to have a huge year and light the league on fire. He's a shoe-in for the World Junior team, especially with Don Hay as the head coach. Musil will lead the defense and they have some Finnish prospect who was drafted by the Canucks last year who is apparently coming over to play for them this season by the name of Jonathan Iilahti, so that's a good sign.

    They Giants also suffered from a ton of injuries last year, so if they can stay healthy they'll be a dangerous team. It will be interesting to see how they play when Hay is off coaching the World Junior team though.

    By the way, I just posted an article on the top 20 fighters in Canucks history in honour or Rypien. You should check it out. There's plenty of sweet fight videos linked as well: http://bleacherreport.com/articles/812993-vancouver-canucks-tough-guys-rick-rypien-the-top-20-fighters-in-team-history

  • Adam Graham posted 2297 days ago

    Adam Graham

    Enjoying your articles buddy. Following you on Twitter as well.

  • P Mcpherson posted 2435 days ago

    P Mcpherson


  • John Bush posted 2471 days ago

    John Bush

    Hey Andrew I was wondering if I could have you on The Chris Gros Show at WKTN Knightcast, UCF's Student run radio program for an on-air interview concerning the Seahawk's offseason plans and draft strategy this Friday anywhere from 2-4. Email me back at CGrosUCF@knights.ucf.edu. Thank you and sorry for the short notice.