Richard Guzzo


I am Richard G, all Italian, still dark hair, a cross between Boris Karloff and Jeff Goldblum and Brad Pitt. Out of Southern California, but in-bred in Northwest with a father, a writer, MY SAGE, now in his nineties and still writing. I have 2 great kids, had a great wife, who is welcome back, if she wants to in the next 30 days. I love Christ first and foremost because He always loves unconditionally which ever Italian man needs, because they are so impulsive and self-assured. I love Sports with the same passion I love my kids and my wife, when she will listen. I only write about Mariners, Padres, and Chargers, and anything else I am passionate about. They call me RICH THOUGH I am poor because I love everyone who uses their heart and brain and no one else.

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