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  • ali khan posted 19 days ago

    ali khan

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  • David Kaiser posted 1120 days ago

    David Kaiser

    anybody who has Pete Rose on a list of over rated players knows nothing about the game of baseball. he did more than just hit. he played 4 positions in the field and his move to third base without ever playing it before in his life set the big red machine in motion for their 2 straight titles. the fact they swept your beloved yankees did not have anything to do with him being on your list did it? as for playing to long to add to his record you could say the same thing about arron and his home run record but I do not see him on your may dislike him for his gambling as a manager but you can't say he was a over rated player with a straight face.

  • nick catalano posted 1342 days ago

    nick catalano

    Hey Shaun(of the brain dead)you are obviously a moron.First of all half the players on your list(Sain,McLain,Canseco,etc.)were never considered great or were on any greatest all time lists to begin with.Second,I know it's hard for an idiot like you to understand,but back in the old days(mid-70s and before)the baseball was not juiced and was much tougher to hit especially since most games were played in the daytime.Third,you place players like Ryan,Sutton,Niekro,etc.on your list stating their long careers account for their numbers.Fair enough,so wheres Seaver,Fisk,Morgan,Clemente,Schmidt,Jackson and countless others who played 20 or more years(or close to it).Ever look at Morgan,Schmidt or Jacksons batting averages.And unlike Rizzito or B.Robinson,these players were NOT great fielders.But perhaps your worst inclusion is Thurman Munson.You really put your head up your ass on this one.Unlike Bench or Fisk,Munson played just 10 years.He played in a ballpark that for a righty was near impossible to hit home runs unlike Fenway and Riverfront where Bench could hit pop-ups that would clear the 360 wall and Fisk could clear the green monster.What would they have done in yankee stadiums death valley?In his 9 full seasons Munson hit over 300 5 times.Three times he drove in over 100 RBIS.How many times did Fisk do that in his 20 plus year career?Whats Fisk's and Benchs B.A'S?Do you know any of these things,moron?Munson was a great base runner,great catcher(until a injury hurt his numbers)great PURE HITTER,great leader,great handler of pitchers and has a lifetime B.A of 292,way above Fisk or Bench who were just homerun hitters,nothing more(so where were they better all-around?).In his ten years,Munson had more hits than any other catcher in their first ten years,in history!That includes Berra and Campernella.Next time,before insulting great players(and Munson was great)learn your facts!

  • Bubba Rico posted 1360 days ago

    Bubba  Rico

    I feel much dumber after reading this nonsense...

  • Bubba Rico posted 1360 days ago

    Bubba  Rico

    Dumb Article, go back your day job as a used car salesman

  • Mike Field posted 1367 days ago

    Mike Field

    Most overrated? Are you afraid to post the names of big-time black players? Sad to say, because I grew up in Wrigley Field, you have to put up the name of Ernie Banks. Five 40-plus home run seasons in the 1950s. After that, for someone playing in Wrigley, disappointing power numbers.

    Then there's Henry Aaron. Yes, that Henry Aaron. Throughout most of his career, he was content to stay out of the limelight. He was never much of leader and not the kind of player who would step up and put a team on his back. He never seemed like the guy who wanted be up there when the world was watching and it was all on the line. He was no Reggie Jackson/Mickey Mantle type when came to that issue.

    He was statistical player who had extraordinary consistency over a long career. But when you talk about the top five or so position players, he doesn't belong in the conversation. He might not even have been the best right fielder of his own era. Sorry.

  • Avraham Shem Mishpacha posted 1387 days ago

    Avraham Shem Mishpacha

    George Herman Ruth

    Yep, Babe Ruth was overrated. First, if not for his longevity, he would have only played for a few years. Also, he chose to use a 52-oz. bat, costing him untold dingers. That poor judgment is reason enough to land him on this list. And if you remove all of the Babe's extra-base hits, his lifetime slugging pct sucks. But because of all the hype, pitchers sometimes pitched around him, so there's not much meaning to his .473 lifetime OBP with all the cheap passes. Combining the above two points also reveals that his lifetime 1.164 OPS should be tossed as well. Finally, as a pitcher, he surrendered almost as many walks as strikeouts, canceling out any value to his 94 victories,.671 winning pct and his rather pedestrian 2.28 lifetime ERA. OK, with all the World Series victories maybe on some level he deserves to be in the Hall of Fame, but to call him the Sultan of Swat? More like the Sultan of Squat. Tee-hee! Gosh, sometimes I just crack myself up.

    Next up, Roberto Clemente. Boy, was he lucky he died tragically helping others. Otherwise, no one would even notice a guy with a deceptive 3,000 base hits. Yes, that sounds good, but his lifetime OPS was a full 7 points lower (.834 vs. .841) than that of Yaz, whom we've already relegated to the overrated list, so why even review the stats. Nevertheless, it speaks volumes that blah, blah, blah, blah, blah...

  • william kratz posted 1420 days ago

    william kratz

    Dude, seriously, you are a terrible baseball writer. At least 8 players on your list of most overrated do not belong. Most notably Pete Rose and Nolan Ryan. And exactly what players actually live up to your rediculous standards? "He only reached 100 rbi 4 more times" You are such a tool.

  • Laurence Forin posted 1428 days ago

    Laurence Forin

    Richie Ashburn overated? How about 500 or more putouts in centerfield FOUR times(plus 499 once) Mays never did that,Mantle never did,Griffey never did..heck NOBODY ever did.Led the league in hits 3 times.triples twice,walks 4 times,batting twice,OBP 4 times,played everyday during the 1950's Averaged 98 runs a year for his career.A worthy Hall of Famer P.S. His fielding Percentage is higher than Mays OR Dimaggio