Ashley Schindler

Ashley Schindler


Ashley has been a NASCAR fan for as long as she can remember. After attending her first race at Dover International Speedway in 2005 at the tender age of ten, she has been hooked on going to any track she can; noting that her favorites are: Dover, Pocono, Charlotte, Daytona, and Bristol. Once starting her blog, The NASCAR Corner, in June of 2010, it helped open her eyes to another side of NASCAR - the journalism and reporting side. Ashley tries to provide an interesting take on the sport we all love on her blog by posting articles with a unique twist - a teenager's perspective. Now eighteen and a senior in high school in New York, she has decided that pursuing a career in NASCAR is the way to go, specifically as a race reporter.

In less than a year, Ashley will be packing up all of her belongings and will head south to attend High Point University and major in Communications/Mass Media to help her dreams of becoming a race reporter turn into reality.

Via social media and her blog, Ashley has had the privilege of meeting and interviewing drivers in all series, NASCAR television reporters, and NASCAR journalists. She feels very fortunate that she has met so many NASCAR fans that she can now call friends.

Some of Ashley's articles have been featured on the following websites:

Ashley has also been interviewed for a NASCAR social media article:

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