Paul Yuhas

Paul Yuhas

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I'm a retired Tool and Die/ Mold Maker/Mold designer. Have managed manufacturing operations in the US and Europe. My interests are natural history, archaeology, paleontology, history of the steppes of Asia, Magyar history, herpetology, breeding magyar sheepdogs, gourmet cooking and travel.
I am a non-believer in gods, dieties, spirits, ghosts or any supernatural occurences. I do not believe in aliens, UFOs or extraterrestrials among us.
My political beliefs are a bit wide of Attila but shy of Ghenghis Khan. My favorite American President was Ronald Reagan. My personal hero is Arpad.
I'm a die hard Denver Broncos and New York Mets fan. I loathe basketball, tolerate hockey but can't sit through a whole game. Have been married 3 times and will never try that again. Favorite TV shows are NCIS and Criminal Minds, love Ziva and Abby.

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