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A journalism student who loves sports in what some may call an "unhealthy way."

I have been writing for a year now and continue enjoy the thrill of following my favorite sports teams.

I am a huge Oregon Ducks, Miami Dolphins, Chicago White Sox, Vancouver Canuck, and Portland Trail Blazers fan who will always stick by his team.

I love track and field and am an avid runner.

I am currently an Oregon Ducks Featured Columnist and look foward to advancing my journalism career and enjoying to do what I love.

Feel free to contact me at any time and follow me on twitter @ NathanLoweryBR.

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  • Alaska Moksoo posted 1895 days ago

    Alaska Moksoo

    Hey brother. Check out this video I just saw on espn. Analysts are talking about Oregons matchup with Washington this weekend, specifically Oregon's up tempo offense and its success, and he actually says "They even got Nick Saban thinking about changing college football rules". We both know Saban cant possibly be allowed to just change the rules does he have to face Oregon in order to give himself an advantage, but I saw the video and it made me wonder if theres any meat to was said. Did Saban possibly partition for some rule where offenses have to wait 20 seconds before they can hike the ball? Or maybe that the ball wont be placed for snap until after defensive adjustments have been made or something like that? If thats the case I think it would be wicked evil for the game we both love. Oregon is playing that style and using the up tempo offense within the confines of the rules of the game, and so are other schools that have adopted the same scheme and I think it would be a very sad day if some partition or something has been put into the works against it. Just hearing this guy say that made my stomoch turn. Anyway, I'll attach the link. Just copy and paste it into your browser and it should take you to the video. Take Care and Win The Day brother.