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my name's josh mayer. im 19 and im from lima OH. i grew up here my whole life and i have been a wrestling fan since as far back as i can remember. i may be young but im a huge fan of wrestling from all generations. from the 70's with andre the giant. to the eighties with hulk hogan and nature boy ric flair. and (my personal favorite) the ninties wathcing bret hart and shawn michales. ive spent most of my childhood watching, reading about, and observing wrestling. and in that time i have come to form many opinoins and predictions. dont get me wrong, i am not a mark! (you real wrestling fans know what i mean) i am simply here to give ym view of wrestlings hottest topics as well as address some topics that i feel need to be discussed...and to all the those critics out there who say wrestling isnt cool anymore i say, it dosent matter what you say. ill never stop being a fan!!

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