BD Condell

BD Condell


Long standing Man Utd fan based in Perth, Western Australia but formerly from Dublin.

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  • Benjamin Craig posted 2202 days ago

    Benjamin  Craig

    Exactly what he said

  • Nidhi Shankar posted 2284 days ago

    Nidhi Shankar

    Hey wanker????where r u now???

  • Philip Johnson posted 2379 days ago

    Philip Johnson

    you clearly have an axe to grind. I really cannot be bothered to explain why some of the most intelligent businessmen around are willing to stake reputations etc on City meeting the new UEFA Rules. The very same rules that have been brought in to protect the established clubs from the 'NEW MONEY'.

    All I would say is read this article from somebody far more qualified than you.

  • Azat Haidov posted 2391 days ago

    Azat Haidov

    Are you still online?

  • Azat Haidov posted 2391 days ago

    Azat Haidov

    A Utd fan that follows Arsenal. You must be in finance or accounting! lol

  • Ben Wilson posted 2441 days ago

    Ben Wilson

    I've got to admit... I find it pretty funny that you're a Man U fan but have written both of your articles on Liverpool! Kudos! Seriously... they were both fantastic.

  • Diego Gomezjurado posted 2459 days ago

    Diego Gomezjurado

    What was the Arsenal vs. Manure final score? Hope you liked that old man!

  • True Blue posted 2545 days ago

    True Blue

    You are a nasty little prick if you find disrespecting people with comments like yours on the Neil Young article are funny.

    Typical of a certain type of United fan though unfortunately.