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  • Peter Parr posted 1999 days ago

    Peter Parr

    Dan, how in the world do you sports writers keep putting Dickson ahead of Pitta. Do yourself a favor and look at both their college careers, and noticed that Pitta was on a team with Austin Collie who was the #1 receiver and a running back who was a 1000 yard rusher and #2 option each of Pitta's 3.5 years and yet Pitta still smokes Dickson's stats in college. Also take the time to check out their combine results and see who is actually the faster and better athlete. Then finally, noticed that Pitta seemed to always get open last year and NEVER dropped a pass unlike your favorite boy Dickson who dropped several in key situations. One last note, the only reason Pitta had a poor first season was because the OC seems to be in love with Dickson and never played or threw to Pitta his first year. I guess after Flacco had a little talk with the OC about getting the ball to Pitta more things changed didn't they? You spend way too much time watching your Steelers to know anything about the Ravens.

  • Justin Carlucci posted 2006 days ago

    Justin Carlucci

    Mr. Snyder!

  • Fester Bestertester posted 2102 days ago

    Fester Bestertester

    Perhaps you should fix the spelling on the title of your article... Just an early heads-up!