New York Knicks suck

New York Knicks suck

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  • Hemanth Swarna posted 1074 days ago

    Hemanth Swarna

    The Knicks are looking pretty bad.

  • Hemanth Swarna posted 1120 days ago

    Hemanth Swarna

    Seasons started. When will you start trolling.

  • Knickerbocker posted 1207 days ago


    You hate the Knicks?

  • John Haviland posted 1208 days ago

    John Haviland

    I'm gonna be away from B/R for a while. See you in a few weeks.

  • John Haviland posted 1212 days ago

    John Haviland

    I'm going to do the roundtable a bit differently now, I'm going to start asking the people what sports topic you want to talk/ask questions about and tally the votes. It could be any sports topic.

  • John Haviland posted 1222 days ago

    John Haviland

    Sorry I haven't been on lately, I've been busy.

  • John Haviland posted 1231 days ago

    John Haviland

    If you want to be in the roundtable, here are your questions:

    1) Do you think the Hornets offered Gordon Hayward too much? Why?

    2) What do the Pelicans need to do to make the playoffs next season?

    3) Will the Heat's recent signings help them retain LeBron James? Why?

  • 713KLP posted 1233 days ago


    If the Mavericks even send an offer sheet to Parsons I'll travel to Dallas and snipe Cuban.

    Not to mention, 1) they don't have the cap space to offer a contract the Rockets wouldn't match and 2) Parsons and Morey have a "wink, wink" deal where he waits for HOU to sign their 3rd star.

    Other than that and 'Melo to Chicago, I agree with your predictions.

  • John Haviland posted 1233 days ago

    John Haviland


    Suns get: Nerlens Noel, rights to Dario Saric, 2015 second-round pick (from Pacers)

    76ers get: Marcus Morris, Markieff Morris, Miles Plumlee

  • John Haviland posted 1233 days ago

    John Haviland

    Yeah, except Melo to Chicago and Gasol to OKC.