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  • Banned 9erGal posted 424 days ago

    Banned 9erGal

    I'd be very happy with a Pats/9ers SB 48!!


  • Banned 9erGal posted 437 days ago

    Banned 9erGal

    LOL, Hi, how are you?? I'm glad Pats are in too!

  • Banned 9erGal posted 449 days ago

    Banned 9erGal

    Great way to put it... "Great player, but a hot head". That Seahawks 9ers rival is so explosive.

    Are you watching the San Diego v. Denver game??

  • Banned 9erGal posted 450 days ago

    Banned 9erGal

    Yes, nice win. I wished I could have seen it. Sherman is a DIVA... we don't listen to his nonsense, lol!

    How have Pats been doing? I need to catch up on my football.

  • Banned 9erGal posted 467 days ago

    Banned 9erGal

    What a great game tonight!!! I'm rooting for the Pats even though I grew up a Broncos fan, lol!

  • Banned 9erGal posted 483 days ago

    Banned 9erGal

    Yes!!! It was a great game :D

  • Banned 9erGal posted 488 days ago

    Banned 9erGal

    Well then, I take that as a compliment! :)

  • Banned 9erGal posted 488 days ago

    Banned 9erGal

    I'm the only 9er fan you know, lol!

  • Bobbi posted 491 days ago


    From one Pitts fan to another...
    Go Steelers!

  • Banned 9erGal posted 491 days ago

    Banned 9erGal

    True, lol. Nice win for the Boston RedSox!! I'm so happy for them. They really deserved it :)