Joel Brand

Joel Brand


My name is Joel Brand and I am a pretty random person. I love collecting obscure basketball jerseys from thrift stores. I recently tried to bring Xanga back into the social networking scene and failed miserably. The biggest athletic feat I have ever attempted was the "Gallon Challenge of Milk" and I have yet to finish it. I was an extra in the hit cinematic classic "Grumpier Old Men." I named my pet hamsters Tiki and Ronde (they were identical twins.) I actually enjoy washing dishes hence why that used to be my part-time job in college. Eminem is by far my favorite rapper. Most importantly, I would like to leave you with a phrase from the great ex-Viking Kelly Campbell, "It is what it is!"

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  • CM Punk posted 2295 days ago

    CM Punk

    Did I win the ppv challenge for HIAC? Reply on my talk page please.

  • Tim Jackmon posted 2311 days ago

    Tim Jackmon

    Hey man, was wondering if there was a place we could see a scoreboard for the WWE PPV Challenge?

  • Maria Cane posted 2560 days ago

    Maria Cane

    Happy New Year! Check out my first article of the year 2011! Comments, retweets,likes, anything appreciated!