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Hockey is my favorite sport and my passion. I like to write, read, and talk about sports. I am honored to be an NHL Featured Columnist on the site.

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoy my work!

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  • Erik Giajnorio posted 2054 days ago

    Erik Giajnorio

    How come you don't write anymore? I miss laughing at your pure stupidity and lack of sport knowledge.

  • Brayden LeBlanc posted 2217 days ago

    Brayden LeBlanc

    The only reason you get so many reads is due to sheer comic value.

  • Erik Giajnorio posted 2223 days ago

    Erik Giajnorio

    April... just quit

  • kirbycar posted 2231 days ago


    Poor excuse for hockey analysis. Misinformed, dense, biased, baseless, inept, obtuse, unknowledgeable, or to be more terse and abrupt just total useless garbage. Might i recommend either gaining some hockey sense and insight or finding something you actually know to write about? This clearly is not your strong suit.

    I believe this is exactly why you do not attempt to explain or defend your views and analysis in the comment boards like every other BR writer does, because you are incapable of doing so due to the aforementioned lack of true knowledge, and wouldn't know how to reply to an actual versed and perceptive hockey fan. Good luck next time, but i wouldn't advise upon anymore vein attempts at hockey writing.

  • garnet shier posted 2241 days ago

    garnet shier

    Are you deleting comments now of those that are critical of your so called journalism?

  • garnet shier posted 2246 days ago

    garnet shier

    One thing that is common to all of your articles I have found is that you do not defend your position in the comment section. Is there a reason for this?

  • Rene Roy posted 2249 days ago

    Rene Roy

    You have no hockey sense, and obviously do no research at all. you REALLY need to stop writing articles without the proper information


  • Mike Phan posted 2250 days ago

    Mike Phan

    Indulge yourselves gentlemen. Great articles Ms. Weiner.

  • Patrick Holden posted 2252 days ago

    Patrick Holden

    I suggest a rewriting of the NHL jersey rankings article. Nothing to agree with

  • Patrick Holden posted 2252 days ago

    Patrick Holden

    I suggest a rewriting of the jersey rankings article. Almost nothing to agree with