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Sarah Braunstein


Sarah Braunstein is a passionate fan of the Baltimore Orioles and Ravens. She is a research assistant and reporter at Sports Illustrated Kids Magazine.

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  • Jeff Kneis posted 3296 days ago

    Jeff Kneis

    Hey Sarah—Jeff here, a Bleacher Report Community Coordinator.

    I've been spending time on our NFL page and read a couple of your old articles. Really on-point do good work.

    Given that you haven't written in a while, I thought I'd check in and see if you're interested in picking up your coverage again. What do you say?

    If not, it would be great if you could give me some feedback on why you decided to stop writing and what we could have done to better serve you. If you wouldn't mind, please shoot me a line at with any thoughts.

    Thanks so much,


  • Zander Freund posted 3590 days ago

    Zander Freund

    Hey Sarah,

    I just wanted to let you know that Bleacher Report has launched out of beta with an updated look and feel and some great new features. Check out the "Game On" link in the header to find out more.

    Next week we'll be launching the site to the world with some public announcements—and it'd be great to get a contribution from you between now and Tuesday to make Bleacher Report's launch a success.

    Let me know if you need any help with ideas or have questions. Have a great weekend Sarah!


  • xx yy posted 3597 days ago

    xx yy

    I never "basically confirmed" anything. I said "assuming Brian Roberts is traded, the infield will be one of the AL's worst" just because you assume something doesn't mean you confirm it-it's the same as saying "suppose Brian Roberts is traded". If he's gone, that's a big hole to fill. I presented those facts about Jeremie Guthrie because that's what an argument is-a difference of opinions. The facts I gave you about his record against playoff teams, and who he won against, ect. all favored my opinion because it was my opinion. You tried to do the same in saying he was 6-5 as a starter-to you his record was a "fact that helped you out" or else why would you ever use it?

  • xx yy posted 3597 days ago

    xx yy

    See I get that everyone won't be happy-hence why I'm not dropping F-Bombs or being a complete jerk about people's reactions. No one wants their team to be last. First of all, strong backup catchers are fairly useful-good teams have depth, especially at a position such as catcher-and Guillermo Quiroz will be interesting to say the least as a backup catcher. With regards to the Roberts information-I wrote this two days before yesterday, so how exactly am I supposed to write about that (the same thing with the Schilling injury)-as of February 1st, Ken Rosenthal (also a "real" sports writer) had reported that the Cubs were actively pursuing Brian Roberts-something both the Orioles and Cubs fans that I know, knew about well before then (the Winter meetings). This has been one of the worst kept secrets. My point in bringing up who Guthrie was and wasn't able to beat, I feel, is accurate. That's why I used it. If the argument "it's not applicable" is to be made, than maybe I'm wrong saying that Chien-Ming Wang has trouble in the playoffs-despite his 1-3 record and astronomical ERA. After doing "no research" I learned that, although Guthrie was a bright spot, as it stood now he was a fourth starter (according to your team's depth chart), and those stats I also posted to you about Guthrie were the original fodder for why I didn't include him. Don't put much solace in the R.O.Y voting, because even the winners sometimes falter (Eric Hinske)-however if I were to mention that "Hopefully Jeremy Guthrie is able to improve against the upper echelon of Major League teams" in my assesment a lot of this may have been avoided. If a lot of your problems will be solved during sring training, then we'll see what happens when it happens-as you can tell we're not there yet. I'm not sure why you shouldn't trust your baseball team's depth chart which is updated daily, but I would trust a depth chart published by the team, but that could just be personal opinion. Also, I mentioned how their infield is "one of the worst in the major leagues" although I didn't mention Luis speciffically, I stand by that statement, as does his .965. We'll find out this year if that's just last years Major League jitters or if that's the real deal. As for the hampering of the rebuilding proccess-I wasn't blaming the young pitchers, I was blaming Orioles management for not acquiring a veteran presence who could teach them a thing or not about how to put the team first, and who could pass along baseball smarts. There are two trains of thought here: either have a "grandpa starter" or a good pitching coach. Rick Kranitz proved himself in Florida in 2006, so maybe I'm right, or maybe I'm wrong and Kranitz works magic. That's why they play the games. In all honesty, I'm looking forward to BJ Ryan and I'm not. Now that he's come off his surgery he's just another expensive, potential disabled-list-living, star. All I know is that if he picks up where he left off I'm fine with it, and if he doesn't, there's always Jeremy Accardo.

  • xx yy posted 3598 days ago

    xx yy

    Oh, and I also went on and looked at the depth chart. It reads: Bedard, Cabrera, Loewen, Guthrie, Olson-Last updated: Feb 7, 2008. Also: Matt Wieters SHOULD be better...he's not yet, so as of right now he's not helping you. Losing three catchers is a hit on any depth chart, no matter who you ask because catchers are fragile. Hernandez only played in 106 games last year, so I highly doubt that he'll play all 162 this year, so losing a capable backup in a guy like Paul Bako is a big blow. "We did not pick up Quiroz to plug our holes"-again, check the depth chart. Also, Daniel Cabrera has never had fewer than 9 victories. Oh, and in 2006 Erik Bedard pitched 196.1 innings. I realize it's not the "magical" 200, but I'd take that many in the Jays rotation any day. (Ps. if he isn't the best pitcher on your team, what stopped Angelos from trading him to division rivals? Why be scared of a guy who, not being the best on the Orioles, would ultimately get burried and never start in the AL East?)

  • Jack Marchetti posted 3655 days ago

    Jack Marchetti

    Loved your article about Tony Dungy. I too was rather dissapointed in what he said. I'm not a fan of athletes who praise god when they win. Partially because it implies that God wasn't with the other team. also, why don't they blame him when they lose?

    anyway, I recently wrote an article about Tony Dungy's comments on Costas Now. You can read it here: