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  • Daniel Yi posted 2123 days ago

    Daniel Yi

    lol "at least lebron didn't rape anybody. if you don't like the idea of watching an hour tv show, don't watch it"

    haha. no, neither did kobe. it was consensual but the bitch just wanted money for it. lebron's had his fair share of pussy as well. and no, i didn't watch the tv show cuz i knew he was gonna waste my time. thank god i didn't add to stupid tv ratings, unlike morons like you who need to sit in front of a television for an hour for something you can pick up in 5 seconds on google an hour later.

  • Dmitri Duggan posted 2481 days ago

    Dmitri Duggan

    Okay, stop. Grow up. Seriously, just get off of these sites. Your trolls are obnoxious and stupid-especially id you read the content.

  • Dmitri Duggan posted 2485 days ago

    Dmitri Duggan

    Obnoxious Cutler troll. Quit copying and pasting the same message to a million articles.

  • Seattle Lion Fan posted 2488 days ago

    Seattle Lion Fan

    They are alot of things he could have done...

    True, but Cutler was told no by the trainers, no by the coaches and Lovie Smith backed them all up. Cutler was told to sit the rest of the game wasn't his choice.

  • jeremy batista posted 2489 days ago

    jeremy batista

    the jets only ran for 68 yards... sanchez had to do everything by himself... ben rolthingbueger didnt even score just like in his frist superbowl....the jets defense couldnt stop the run how you expect them to win....20-30 with 233 yrds with 2 TD's.....ben rolthbeuger went 10-19 133 yards with no TD's....bad play calling for offinsive coordiantor. brad,

  • Mark Pare posted 2493 days ago

    Mark Pare

    do you just mass produce messages for multiple members to view? better idea, if you have an opinion, turn it into an article and see how many people actually care about your opinions, and for the record,, 80% of my articles are factual, researched information...and u want to say the patriots were classless? we did our trash talk on the field, when we were doing our yelling and screaming, we backed it up with a 45-3 beatdown of your precious J-E-T-S! in the week leading up to the game, there wasnt a day that went by where some member of the jets team had some kind of trash talk for the patriots, sure payback is a bitch but to say that your team is any better for it makes u so hypocritical, its actually sad

  • Tony Marks posted 2495 days ago

    Tony Marks

    Trent Dilfer was an average QB, I said he was no Marino and my argument was that it takes more than Super Bowls to make a legacy. Now who are you?

  • Immer Chriswell posted 2496 days ago

    Immer Chriswell

    Yes, I do. The team winning is a result of defense. Have you seen the stats Sanchez has with the relatively talented wr's he has? He threw for under 200 yards yesterday. Against a defense like the patriots, that's not very impressive. Ryan Fitzpatrick of the Buffalo Bills threw for 257.

  • joe mumford mumford posted 2497 days ago

    joe mumford mumford


  • Walker McKeough posted 2497 days ago

    Walker  McKeough

    yeah, and thats how the steelers beat the seahawks in the super bowl. They "call it as they see it".