My name is Anthony, and I’m from Tyler, TX. I'm a huge sports fan. My football teams are the Philadelphia Eagles, and New England Patriots. My baseball team is Texas Rangers. My college team is USC Trojans (I did not attend USC at any point. (I just started routing for them while growing up in California.) Finally my hockey team is the Dallas Stars. I'm also a big UFC and WWE fan.

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  • Bill N posted 2407 days ago

    Bill N

    I would love to get your comments on “With NCAA Amateurism a Joke, Here's How to Fix the Mess” at: http://bleacherreport.com/articles/741984-ncaa-and-amateurism-are-a-joke-how-to-fix-the-college-football-mess

    I hope you find that this article finally pulls together the problems with the NCAA and practical solutions that will help the athletes and colleges.

    Thanks, Bill