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  • Dangggggg. Look at him. posted 6 hours ago

    Dangggggg. Look at him.

    Heyyyyyyyy! I'm awesome! How are you?

  • Randy Norton posted 2 days ago

    Randy Norton

    Its sad that you need to insult to prove a point. Heck you tell I'm a troll, how about you then ? Edward Morris, the man that has had 10 accounts in the past which were all banned because you were a TROLL. Do you think I don't know that ? She is hardly here ? LMAO. Says the guy that creeps back in here every 3-4 months. 5 times a day ? That's a joke right ? Seems like you are the one who's afraid to handle the truth. Its my opinion so no need to unleash your anger on that. Simply not replying seems like you can't handle the truth but whatever keep listening to your friends.

  • Brady is SAWFT posted 3 days ago

    Brady is SAWFT

    Oh yeah and CM Punk rules no matter what the haters say. Besides what went down with him and management he was a GOAT in the squared circle.

  • Brady is SAWFT posted 3 days ago

    Brady is SAWFT

    You know what Edward, I agree with you but I don't see the point in arguing with a child. I did not know that said person was still crying over spilled milk meanwhile the best of us have moved on. After all I am not the one that created troll accounts to satirize me. I even extended a truce but he did not do the mature thing and accept. As for being on here, the internet is accessible on almost any device including phones and tablets whilst on the running. Thank you, Edward for standing your ground. If he wants to live in anger over something that happened long ago that I have moved on then that's on him. :)

  • Randy Norton posted 3 days ago

    Randy Norton

    Well that was a good 3/4 months back. She is on here everyday but doesn't even get comments like ' you have no life ' etc....... Well telling the truth isn't trolling but go on praising Punk because he is your god. Keep doing what you doing, its cool. She started the whole damn thing but you can't accept that because you are friends with her and on a mission to make me look like a hypocrite.

  • Randy Norton posted 4 days ago

    Randy Norton

    Says you. Well its not my fault she blames me for everything and I have an actual life outside of B/R. Its bogus when she says I don't have a life outside of B/R when she doesn't as well. She is nearly on every article while I'm not. But you'll somehow try to insult me because I don't like Punk . This is not about Punk genius. I have a life, I don't have time for trolling. But go on, go on spreading lies.

  • Randy Norton posted 64 days ago

    Randy Norton

    Wass up ED ? Stirring the pot again.

  • Brady is SAWFT posted 65 days ago

    Brady is SAWFT

    Hey Ed. He is incapable of it seems. Im not knocking him but that sounds like a personal problme. How are you?!

  • Dan Riaz posted 69 days ago

    Dan Riaz

    Bro, the salt levels were off the charts after the Rumble. People were PISSED. People were like, "I'm unsubscribing from the network you all should too!" Like it would make a difference >.> This guy broke his TV and his phone because he was so angry XD All these people were like, we're all gonna boo Reigns forever!

    Good stuff!

    I talk to Olli all the time XD

  • Donovan Griffin posted 72 days ago

    Donovan  Griffin

    ''Vegeta voice. Kakarot!!!!!!!!!!!''

    Goku: '' Father... why the F did you name me dat? It might as well be KitKat Bar. LOL XD!