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NBA junkie moonlighting as a secret-handshake choreographer for hire. Proponent of three-pointers, a clean-shaven James Harden and a freshly tweezed Anthony Davis. Detractor of mullets, Josh Smith jump shots and not getting fries with that. Grilled cheese and p90x enthusiast, sometimes simultaneously. Wannabe pogo-sticking hopscotch stuntman. Known to speak in fragments. Because. It's. Fun.

Follow me on Twitter for daily doses of NBA talk, frequent sarcasm and occasional vampire squid references: @danfavale.


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  • Jihoon Nam posted 115 days ago

    Jihoon Nam

    Was your recent article on the blockbuster trades about things that you really proposed or trades that people talked about before that you want to re-surface?

  • Tim The Redeemer posted 175 days ago

    Tim The Redeemer

    what an insult! picturing the heat under "let's hear it for the champs"? come to me and i shall cleanse your soul.

  • Robert Fisher posted 190 days ago

    Robert Fisher

    Very well written article about Nash. Well done!

  • Arnold Hernandez posted 251 days ago

    Arnold Hernandez

    Will someone please write about the difference between Tim Duncan and Karl Malone as the best power forward?

  • Chris Paul posted 269 days ago

    Chris  Paul

    Write an article about knicks moves. How they should instead of focusing on Gasol and Melo should instead focus on getting Deng, Hawes, and Augustin, 3 pieces who roughly made just as much as Melo did, and would make the knicks team very solid.

  • davian castanet posted 294 days ago

    davian castanet

    I have watched this team now through the BIG 3 age and to me, it is clear they should rename it, Lebron and the other 2. Without Lebron on the court, this team is not good enough to compete for a championship. While Bosh and Allen and Wade have their moments, it is clear they lack the consistency and that the Heat lack that 2nd constant big time scorer to keep things going when LBJ is not in the game. The erratic Bosh and Wade can often be stellar in spurts. But after Lebron, the drop off is obvious. I dont think they can beat the Spurs four times. They lack a true point guard. Mario turns the ball over at the worst times as does Wade. And Mario doesnt capitalize on his ability to get to the basket. This team is in deep need to get a makeover and go after a guy who can score night in and out. My name is DC and thats my take.

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