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Evan Kenney

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I am a fan of the Green Bay Packers, Florida Gators, Chicago Bulls, and the Chicago Cubs (also like the Rays). I know, sort of random teams with exception to the Bulls and Cubs (and most ppl wonder why i dont like the bears), but here's the story: Packers - Grandpa is a HUGE fan. We have season tickets, family is GBP fans, etc. Born into it. Same with Cubs and Bulls. UF Gators - used to live in Florida and as a kid my Dad had UF clothing (he's a Wisconsin fan) and i liked the colors and i thought Gators were cool. As I got older, living in Iowa, many of my friends are Iowa fans and they are extreeeeeeeeemely cocky and think they deserve to reach the Nat'l Championship every year. So, i reverted back to the Gators because they are different and no one here really cares for them. Rays - went to a game as a kid, big fan of Evan Longoria.

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