Ray Schultz

Ray Schultz


I am a huge Michigan Wolverines football fan. I've been watching them since I can remember. I also like the Big Ten and will root for them when they aren't playing Michigan. Yes I even root for Ohio State even though I hate them.

I grew up in Michigan, moved to New Jersey for a little while as a kid and moved to Illinois. I followed the Chicago bears and the Chicago Bulls. I loved watching Michael Jordan. He was unbelievable. I moved back to Michigan my Jr year of High School. I went to an all Boys prep school called Orchard Lake Saint Mary's. I loved that school and played football there. One of my favorite times.

Now I am living in Michigan still and during the winter I live in South Carolina. I still watch Michigan (thanks to the Big Ten Network) and watch some Clemson and South Carolina games but I'm not a huge fan yet.

I also love watching the Detroit Red Wings and the Detroit Lions.

Feel free to write a message to me or on my wall. Please keep it nice. Thanks for taking your time reading my Bio and checking out my profile. Good luck to whatever team in sports you like.

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  • Ken Hammerick posted 1974 days ago

    Ken Hammerick

    Ray! It is great to hear from you. Yes, I'll be looking forward to your astute observations. Go Blue! Thank you for wishing my Spartans good luck!

    I think MSU will take Boise down.

    I think Michigan has a tall order. I am still biased, shell shell shocked, tainted and crushed from Alabama abusing us a couple years ago.

    From a conference perspective, we need this Michigan victory. It is the same old story, Alabama can be had if DROB goes off! He needs to rush the ball and get loose.

    Since it is the first game of the season, Alabama fumbles and miscues and mistakes at the right time, at the right spot on the field, will be HUGE.

    Michigan needs to execute perfectly, run some trick plays, hit some people hard and get some electrifying big breaks, like TD Punt Returns, and Pick 6's.

    As The Big Ten Conference, this wouldn't just go a long way toward our conference's esteem, it would solidify it as top quality.

    Good luck, let's go Blue! Let's Go Blue even when Michigan is playing MSU.

    Yeah, I love my Spartans! You love your Wolverines, and that is great!

    Go Green!

  • Ken Hammerick posted 2133 days ago

    Ken Hammerick

    I agree with you completely, Ray.

    Hey, the schedule is the schedule. I see what you are saying but Michigan is Michigan. They are loaded and nobody can say they didn't play anybody.

    They are playing everybody including Alabama.

    You know what Joel Greer says, "I think we have a little something for Alabama this year."

    That double pass is critical, that's how you beat Alabama, MSU, Notre Dame and OSU.

    And DEEnard is a threat to score everytime he rushes, so yeah, getting him the ball down field on a double pass, LOL! Forgetaboutit, he's gone.

  • Ken Hammerick posted 2133 days ago

    Ken Hammerick

    Hello Ray, hey, do you agree with me? In that Where Should the Wolverines Use Devin Gardner article, I think that Michigan should run the double pass plays with Gardner all day.

    With all those plays, and DRob's rushing--that would be a sight to see and a powerful Offense that would give Defenses lots of trouble.

    With all of Michigan's 5 Star kids, Hoke's coaching and the passionate fans--this is Michigan's Time.

    Michigan is so much better on paper than anybody it is unbelievable. This should be the year.

  • Katie Day posted 2295 days ago

    Katie Day

    Just wanted to say thanks Ray for your encouraging words! It was nice to read :) If you ever write an article, send it my way, I'll be happy to read it and give some feedback, even if its about U of M ;) Go Green!