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Jason is a Southern California native and graduate of USC Class of 2011. He loves to talk for hours on end about his favorite teams, the Lakers, Angels, USC Trojans and Duke Blue Devils.

Jason's knowledge of sports started when, at the age of 3, he would memorize sports statistics while watching SportsCenter. Now, he employs his analytical mind to discuss sports and make historical connections between sports happenings, apply sports to life, and discover how intertwined the industry is with other spheres of society.

He would love to talk about sports or answer questions, and can be reached at

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  • ROLL TIDE from UNC posted 2318 days ago

    ROLL TIDE from UNC

    accurate words, jason, about the status of role models in athletics. after looking over your bio, i have only one problem: you're a dooky, lol! i graduated from CAROLINA in '82 and love my HEELS in bb. but, in fb, i love my CRIMSON TIDE. so, for me, it's ROLL TIDE and HOW BOUT THEM HEELS!!!! you now know why i call myself 'tideofunc.' take care!

  • Will Tober posted 2376 days ago

    Will Tober

    Thanks J-Heim. You're about an article away from 300K! Let's catch up soon

  • Will Tober posted 2423 days ago

    Will Tober

    you're my idol

  • Will Tober posted 2433 days ago

    Will Tober

    Congrats on 100 articles my man! That's a big milestone. Lot's of work behind every article. Look forward to the next 100 haha

  • Bill N posted 2446 days ago

    Bill N

    I just published “USC Football Recruiting: Lane Kiffin 2012 Scholarship Math and Greatest Needs” at

    It includes a realistic estimate of the number of 2012 new scholarships, identifies the positions of greatest need and the best candidates to fill those positions.

    I would love to get your comments. Hope you are doing well.

    Thanks, Bill

  • Michael Skaniakis posted 2467 days ago

    Michael Skaniakis

    I agree that there's a short list for Paul but I disagree that the Knicks have such few assets...I think the key for the Knicks getting Paul would be getting Dallas involved say get Haywood and Beaubois...give dallas jack and turiaf then throw all the assets at nor fields, douglas, beaubois, picks, and billups...I think that would both work and address a starting center issue its a win win

  • curtis ford posted 2537 days ago

    curtis ford

    here is martez wilson blog page http// check it out

  • curtis ford posted 2537 days ago

    curtis ford

    I can get you a chat with martez wilson let me know if your interested

  • curtis ford posted 2537 days ago

    curtis ford

    What's up jason i agree about illini martez wilson is to low in the draft he should be a first rounder.Hey jason did you know him and derrick rose came from the same high school.

  • Brian Murtaugh posted 2547 days ago

    Brian Murtaugh

    Thanks Again Jason!! Look forward to reading more of your articles!