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Well, in a nutshell, I'm a UCLA alum (sad times lately) and avid sports fan with an emphasis on pro football. I have NOT been to every Super Bowl since they started! OK, I haven't been to even one. Don't judge me. I don't know where I stand on the Miller Lite Home Draft Keg. I think the prevent defense is for fraidy cats and if you don't go for it on 4th and 1 at the 2 then you deserve to lose. The football gods do not reward fear. Reach boldly for the prize!

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  • jon watts posted 1315 days ago

    jon watts

    Ms Sterling,

    Your writing style is impeccable!

    Being only a lackadaisical sports fan, I was directed here by a friend. However, I found your analysis to be clear and detailed, to novice and pro alike.

    Whereas most media is full of flurry & fluff, I relished in your accurate, unbiased and tangible coverage of this matter.

    My hope is that will reward your prowess with the opportunity for all of us to read more of your insightful posts.



  • Tom Z posted 1678 days ago

    Tom Z

    The old article about Sanchez and the Jets. I liked your page a while ago, but had to switch accounts.

  • john posted 1772 days ago


    I have to say, your column is the most insightful, intelligent and unbiased commentary on the Jets available. I'm very impressed with your commentary and your writing skills.

    In anticipation of next season, I just belatedly read your article on what's wrong with Sanchez and the Jets. I agree with you that coaching is a big part of the problem. I think you dance around the subject of Ryan, though. You suggest changes to the sub-coaches yet never come out and say perhaps Ryan is also a big part of the problem. As my father used to say "Sh*# rolls downhill." Now, you wisely say that what is also needed is a new GM. Perhaps the Sh*# does roll down from there, and from your continued inclusion of Ryan in your list of favorite coaches above I have to conclude that you believe that with a new GM that will take Ryan out of decision making areas he doesn't belong in such as roster changes and overall strategy. I know you continue to be hopefull about Sanchez, but if the best you can say about him is that he is more concussion resistant than MrElroy, well.....maybe it's time to do some quiet reflection by yourself and really think about his real strenths and weaknesses. Hey, I have loved Sanchez since USC as I went to all the home games as an alum along with my Dad, brother and two sisters who are also alums,and was so looking forward to seeing him become the Jet's savior, however, I have come to the conclusion that maybe he wasn't quite ready to play with the big boys. He showed some great promise at the beginning but as we all sadly saw, things went downhill from there. I would agree with your past posts that part of the problem is that he doesn't have the protection or support he needs but isn't great quarterbacking being able to triumph in the face of adversity or less than perfect condtions? Hey, even my 83 year old mother could throw a perfect pass with an inpenetrable offensive line, but Sanchez has repeatedly shown that he lacks the ability to think and dance under pressure. Thank God he's concussion resistant or he'd be Mohammed Ali by now based on his sitting duck lack of scramble.

    I'd like to know more of your suggestions for upper management personnel and responsibility changes in the Jet's organizaton from the top (owner on down) and how you think that could improve things with an organization that has become the Taylor Swift of the NFL flirting with so many main men over the past few years (Tibow, MrElroy, etc.) but each flirtation ending in disaster.

    As a die hard Lakers fan I also appreciate your on the money commentay on that team and sadly directionless organization. What effect, positive or negative or both, do you think the passing of Dr. Buss will have on the organization?

    As always, I look forward to your next column.