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Yoosof Farah is a 21-year-old World Football writer at Bleacher Report, and a final-year BA (Hons) Multimedia Journalism student at Bournemouth University, United Kingdom.

Yoosof has had over 2.4 million views for his work on B/R, and has also had articles featured on FOX Sports. He has also done work at MATCH! Magazine and contributed to the official website and matchday programme at Gillingham FC.

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  • hieu pham quang posted 71 days ago

    hieu pham quang
  • mark james posted 287 days ago

    mark james

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  • Ahmd AbdAllah posted 418 days ago

    Ahmd AbdAllah

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  • Sergio Martinez posted 714 days ago

    Sergio Martinez

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  • John Segal posted 803 days ago

    John Segal

    Corinthians WORLD CHAMPIONS 2012.




  • John Segal posted 808 days ago

    John Segal

    IN RESPONSE TO YOUR MARCH 01 ARTICLE where you state that Corinthians has the biggest fan base in Brazil:

    According to:

    and subsequently published in ESPN:

    Flamengo has the biggest fan base in the world not just Brazil.
    Corinthians is 4th in the world and I'd guess the 2nd in Brazil is a safe bet.

    The top 5 fan bases in the WORLD. (...and for many of us the world isn't just tiny Europe) are:
    1° Flamengo (Brasil) - 39.1M
    2° Chivas (México) - 33.8 M
    3° América (México) - 29.4 M
    4° Corinthians (Brasil) - 28 M
    5° Juventus (Itália) - 26.3 M

  • Chig Paisa posted 831 days ago

    Chig Paisa

    Hey Yoosof,

    Big fan of your writing! I love your articles about those hidden talents, that only you seem to be able to find! Got your eyes on anyone in particular nowadays? I came across this guy called Omer Damari, plays for Hapoel Te Aviv, and has a 2 in 1 record for them. Same record for Israel as well. Take a look at him.. might be a decent forward in the future for a midtable side. One other who I've been looking at quite a lot is Kensuke Nagai. He really impressed me at the Olympics and I think he could make the move to Europe pretty fast actually. Another one I've been keeping watch over is Gale Agbossoumonde. He's been through a lot, but I still think he could make it if he can get a steady run out with a club; take a look at this article by Leander Schaerlackens:

    Once again, I really enjoy your articles. Keep up the good work!

    With Regards,

  • Sam Tighe posted 840 days ago

    Sam Tighe

    Yoos, you're not so active here anymore. What you up to nowadays?

  • Sean Bookage posted 927 days ago

    Sean Bookage

    Want to hear a joke about the Olympic football tornament? It goes like this...Spain. AHAHAHA AHA AHHA AHAHAHAHAHAHHHAHAAHAH HAHHHAAAHAHHH HAHAHA Ha

  • Frank Wagner posted 939 days ago

    Frank Wagner

    Hey Yoosof, thanks for the props in my rankings article! Much appreciated!

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