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  • Scott Mallett posted 1755 days ago

    Scott Mallett

    LOL. I didn't blast Bleacher Report....I blasted YOU!

  • Scott Mallett posted 1756 days ago

    Scott Mallett

    You wrote to me:"Listen here boss-You find me another college football fan who believed that Bruce Irvin was a good pick at that point, and then yes, you can have my job..... Deal?"

    Deal taken. Try Darin Pike of your own Bleacher Report. Here's the link. http://bleacherreport.com/articles/1160318-seattle-seahawks-2012-nfl-draft-picks-grades-results-and-analysis/page/4

    7 teams had him ranked top 15...Pittsburgh and Chicago were ready to take him...you are right though on one thing. You are a college football fan and not an analyst which means your opinions are about as valuable as my little brother's which is evident by the lack of insight in your...ahem...prognostications. So now that you owe me your job...how much does it pay?

  • Bill Snider posted 1778 days ago

    Bill Snider

    What's up with all the anti-LSU stuff you write? You graduate from Alabama?

  • Scott Mallett posted 1812 days ago

    Scott Mallett

    "Not only did Seattle make a questionable selection in the first round. Not only did Seattle draft someone who plays a position that they don't need help at. But Russell Wilson wasn't even the best NFL quarterback position on the board at this point."

    -Just a couple question...who exactly was the best QB at that point? How does a guy who is leading all rookies in sacks qualify as a questionable selection? Do you get paid for writing articles you clearly know nothing about? If so can I have your job since you are obviously incompetent? Lastly...how does it feel to so proudly make a total @$$ of yourself?

  • Bill Snider posted 1921 days ago

    Bill Snider

    You didn't really think Sheppard was going to be one of the top receivers did you? He hasn't done anything since he's been at LSU. I'm sure he's a great guy, but I hope his studies lead him to a more productive career besides football.

  • Collins Vallee posted 1956 days ago

    Collins Vallee

    Sean, you wrote:
    As far as a BCS birth goes, at this point it seems to be almost a guarantee that at least two teams out of the SEC Conference will be chosen to play in a BCS Bowl.
    You should have used berth, instead of birth.

  • robby valentino posted 2071 days ago

    robby valentino

    how about a 7 round edition

  • Austin Stovall posted 2163 days ago

    Austin Stovall

    Sean you should do a piece called "20 reasons why Les Miles should ban his players from Twitter in 2012" . Post a bunch of the nasty tweets the numerous Lsu players that are on Twitter have gotten because of the random haters that post them or how a few of the players seem so arrogant on their own posts.

    Your columns are read by so many it might make for a good one and who knows maybe you could credit yourself for influencing Miles if he actually did it

  • PAV PAV posted 2417 days ago


    Your article about Nnamdi didnt even mention staying in the Bay to play for the 49ers, which although not a playoff team have spanked the Raiders for a long time now and have alot of pieces in place to get ahead, what would taste better than beating up on your old team while playing against their biggest rival

  • Jim Graham posted 2484 days ago

    Jim  Graham

    You are obviously showing your LACK of knowledge or ignorance about about Oregon Football.
    I would challenge you to prove that our fans are rude.
    Loud yes ,knowledgeable yes but RUDE ?
    You should do some research before you mouth off.
    I'll be waiting for your proof.
    Jim Graham