What's going on everyone, my name is Peter Hill and I am a Junior at Florida State University. I currently major in Sports Management and double minor in Communications and Hospitality Management. I'm 21 years old and love to write, listen, watch, play, and do everything sports!

My sports interests revolve around 5 major teams/organizations (which branches out into many other things). Kansas Jayhawks basketball, Seminoles everything, Atlanta Braves baseball, Minnesota Vikings football, and NBA everything.

Being a college student I can't always afford to go to all my favorites games so I go to as many Florida State games as possible. Whether the Noles are playing on the gridiron, hardwood, or on the diamond, you can normally find me in those stands. My roots of being a Jayhawk started when a very close friend walked on and excelled there. I've been addicted ever since. I love to watch the NBA on a regular basis following everyones stats, trends, fantasy values, hot streaks, cold streaks, and everything else NBA. The Atlanta Braves and Minnesota Vikings were my first love and I can't follow them enough. I hope everyone can enjoy my writings on the topics of the NBA, Kansas Jayhawks, Florida State Seminoles, Minnesota Vikings, and Atlanta Braves Baseball, thanks!

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