Garrett Kenobi

Garrett Kenobi


Ass Kicker Among Ass Kickers
Beer Drinker Among Beer Drinkers
Riot Starter
Trash Talker
Female Anatomy Expert
Nerd Basher
Home Wrecker
Ship Sinker
Bad Ass
Internet Bad Ass
Cop Fighter
Party Animal
Bedroom Animal
High IQ Holder
Life Taker
Orgasm Faker
Professional Asshole
Man of Many Ladies
King of Dance Floor
Semi-Retired Bar Fighter
Muscled Up Freak
Hedge Dwelling Creep
Picture-Taking Sneak
Possessor of Binoculars
Pick-Up Artist
Pokemon Master
Trench Coat Wearer
Ruler of Jungle Gym
Anger Management Reject
The Ultimate Thriller
A Big Time Killer
Cave Dweller
Bitch Smoker
Battle Rapper
Ax Swinger
Crap Flinger
Wife Beater
Big Time PIZZA Eater
Escape Artist
Jedi Knight
and Friend to Captain Solo

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  • Kevin Roberts posted 2358 days ago

    Kevin Roberts

    You should add "douche" to your list of labels. I see all you do is come on here to rip people's articles for nothing, and you're too afraid to write your own. Add "pathetic", too.

  • jeremy batista posted 2360 days ago

    jeremy batista

    west isnt even a starter get real. he dosent even get playing time in boston and he only avg 7.2 points with the cavs. Z?? lmao are you kidding me he is a bum, he is soft and lebron made him a star. this season for the cavs will go down as the wrost start in history because the godfather of cleveland left

  • jeremy batista posted 2361 days ago

    jeremy batista

    i dont want to hear that the cavs suck because they missing z and west. they didnt avg more then 14 ponits a game, they are role players. the cavs lost the best player in the nba so you get your facts straight and just wake up its because leborn left.