Matt Mackowski

Matt Mackowski

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Matt Mackowski grew up in San Jose, CA. A avid screenwriter and author as well as a actor, Matt enjoys meeting new people and having a good time watching sports or seeing the latest mainstream or art house flick.

Matt has lived on the east coast, the south and all around California. Currently in Placer County, California, he is writing screenplays and fantasy adventure novel series. He also hopes to produce and direct a new coming-of-age dramedy "Sunset Summer" as well as publish his book series in the VERY near future.

When not writing, matt enjoys watching sports, browsing Youtube, Facebook and visiting local librarys to people watch to get ideas for writing. He loves all sports, but his favorite is Hockey and his favorite team is his hometown San Jose Sharks. He is also a fan of the San Francisco 49ers, Golden State Warriors and St. Louis Cardinals and Florida Gators.

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