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Jamesa Stokes


Pic Info: I am an artist. I am currently an undergraduate college student in school for Physics. So if you want something made, hit me up. ;)

I love alot of sports, and sometimes it just gets hard keeping up with them all! NFL, NBA, MLS, MLB, Swimming, Lacrosse, International Soccer, College Sports, AHHHHHHH!!!!! SOOOO...MAAAAANY...!

When you're a kid growing up, sports were a childhood curiosity, a chance to be good at something so that you could win a shiny medal and rub it in your brother's face. I followed teams because I liked to see the joy of my hometown glory. But it wasn't life or death to me. It wasn't until I was in high school that I really started paying attention to the international sports scene. And it's crazy for me to see how long it actually took me to realize the true impact sports had on life. And all it took was an essay I wrote showed me how sports have the power to change everything.

This year, I wrote a thesis paper on sports and American Exceptionalism, specifically as it pertained to the United States hosting it's first Olympics in 1904 in St. Louis and the impact it had on our national development. It was amazing to me to see our athletes compete and show the true essence of human triumph that many used to believe could only be scene in wartime. The tenacity and the grit, especially from American athletes, captivated me, from the Men's Swimming Freestyle Relay in the Beijing Olympics to the "Go, Go USA!" from Ian Darke during the World Cup. And it was during my mild heart attack and stroke after Landon Donovan's goal that I realized, strangely realized...

...that I loved sports.

I Love Sports! Here I was hyperventilating over a swimming or soccer match, as if I was competing myself! Seeing my fellow fans hugging random strangers and crying over what I used to think was jsut a sports match. Sports have the power to united the masses. But most importantly, we see the best of ourselves in our athletes. We see that our own hopes and dreams are best articulated just by watching that swimmer trying to set a world record. Or that basketball player trying to hit that game-winning shot. Or scoring that last minute goal in stoppage time to give me enough heart problems to last a lifetime.

That's sports, ladies and gentlemen.

And that's life. Peace.

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