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In addition to being a Bleacher Report Boxing Columnist, Briggs Seekins writes a column on combat sports for The National Police Gazette: His first professional writing assignment was covering high school baseball for the York County Coast Star in Kennebunk, Maine, during his Senior year of high school. After serving as a mechanized infantryman with the Third Armored Division during Operations Desert Shield, Desert Storm and Desert Saber he earned a BA in Philosophy from the University of Southern Maine and an MFA in creative writing from Syracuse University, where he was the poetry editor of Salt Hill literary magazine. Over two decades he has published poetry, fiction, literary criticism, political philosophy, small-town journalism and newsletter articles about seasonal produce, agriculture and rural history.
A sports nut and boxing enthusiast since the late 1970's, he had blogged and written about boxing and other sports for Bleacher Report since June of 2011. As a live correspondent he has covered premium cable and pay-per-view cards at Madison Square Garden, as well as regional boxing and MMA cards

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  • Denis Orden posted 53 days ago

    Denis Orden

    Roman Gonzalez has signed the contract to fight Naoya Inoue on December 31 of this 2015. roman said this to a Nicaraguan journalist.
    The sportswriter and Vice Mayor of Managua, Enrique Armas Rosales, assured that in a Ceremony of Nicaraguan Sportswriters, this past January 31, he held a conversation with Roman Gonzalez, and was there that the three times world champion confirmed that he had already signed the contract to fight Inoue on December 31. and he is planning to have few fights at 115 before this event.

  • The boxer Klitschko from Ukraine - pro-American! It supports the new illegal Ukrainian power which came by revolution and overthrow with support of the American politicians! As also Klitschko receives the financial help from America to support this illegal Ukrainian power. This new illegal pro-American government uses the weapon, volley hail systems, tanks and phosphorus-incendiary bombs against peace and unarmed inhabitants! And Klitschko too supports it! PEOPLE, Klitschko - the fascist because it, supports this fascist power which by means of America came to the power in Ukraine! People, tell at home about this boxer Klitschko - he isn't worthy the champion titles and awards! Klitschko - a condom!

  • Kenneth Rosen posted 318 days ago

    Kenneth Rosen

    Briggs, I think I sent you a note asking you to send me an email. Could you do that? Thanks, Ken Rosen

  • Alvin Zeno posted 358 days ago

    Alvin Zeno

    Mr. Briggs, after watching boxing for 45 years so far, I can tell you that of those 10 bouts you claim fans want to see, you only got one right Mayweather vs Pac-man. All other matched bouts, I would only watch them if they were free on a local channel, mainly because they are a one sided fight. Also, I'm surprise that being a New England Sportman, you don't have Rocky Marciano on your list of favorites, take care Alvin.

  • robert roberts posted 360 days ago

    robert roberts

    It would have been interesting to see the names of the judges in the article about the 10 worst judging decisions.
    This info would be good to have concerning future matches.

  • Mark Mederson posted 506 days ago

    Mark Mederson

    I am working on a research project for the University of Wisconsin-Madison. I have interviewed Briggs for my project and now I would like to interview a commenter. It would take a little less than an hour and would be over the phone. If any of you who comment on a regular basis would be interested, please send me an email - Thank you

  • Mark Mederson posted 512 days ago

    Mark Mederson

    My name is Mark Mederson. I'm a Ph.D. student studying journalism and mass comm at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. I worked in TV sports and news for many years and I spent some time writing on B/R (before I returned to grad school). I'm working on a research paper about B/R and, in particular, boxing coverage. I was wondering if you might be willing to be interviewed for my research? It would be by phone and take about an hour. I can give you a lot more specific information in an email if you might be interested.
    Mark Mederson

  • Nihal Advani posted 544 days ago

    Nihal Advani

    Hey Briggs,

    Big fan of your work.

    Check out this piece we did on the anniversary of The Thirlla in Manila.

    Here's the link:


  • chris torgerson posted 685 days ago

    chris torgerson

    Schumacher or Senna? Is that horse racing.
    oh no... im not into f1 but the senna doc is well worth your time. i also had no opinion before watching.

  • Muhammad Rifqi Amran posted 693 days ago

    Muhammad Rifqi Amran

    if you have the time, do write an article about chris john.

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