After finishing my law degree I moved to Northern Canada to open my own consulting firm and work for the government. As an ex-varisty basketball player I enjoy watching and playing as many sports as I can and especially like to keep close tabs on hockey and baseball.

I am a die hard Leaf fan (isn't everybody?!? LOL) who is not of the dillusional variety (ok, ok, maybe a little.... I always hope for "good chemistry" which is industry lingo for "I hope some of our crap players go waaaaay beyond their potential").

I hate Berger (I mean come on... you cheer for the team you love and always keep faith and hope alive... you don't just give up on them). He must be an Ottawa fan. AAAHHHH Hahahahahahaha.


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  • Richard Bowler posted 2900 days ago

    Richard Bowler

    I thought you might like this article

  • Tyler Hill posted 3225 days ago

    Tyler Hill

    No need to tank when we have guy like this already!

  • Ronnybrook posted 3275 days ago


    Ronnybrook pontificates on the donnybrook.

  • Jay Middleton posted 3431 days ago

    Jay Middleton

    What happened to parts three through six?

  • G P posted 3439 days ago

    G P

    Who is Larry

  • Jay Middleton posted 3439 days ago

    Jay Middleton

    Hey. Yes, "ado" is correct. I thought you were punning on the whole French Canadian thing, so I left it in.

    If you check the edit history, you'll see "ado" was originally changed to "adieu" in revision three, about 22 hours before I had a crack at it.

  • xx yy posted 3439 days ago

    xx yy

    Two names I'd recommend getting in touch with: Zander and Bryan Goldberg...they're much more useful than me in technical stuff man :)


  • G P posted 3447 days ago

    G P

    Also... you are a lawyer and a Leaf fan?
    What proud parents you must have.

    Ha ha...

    Sorry... I had to.

    Go Leafs Go!

  • G P posted 3447 days ago

    G P

    Andrew I happened to catch your all time Leaf line up as a comment to somebodies article on their all time line up.
    I was wondering why you haven't posted it for all to read?

  • xx yy posted 3449 days ago

    xx yy

    Cito was in the front office this year I think, but if he's coming back next year as manager I can't see him wearing both hats....I'm not even sure if that happens at all in baseball to be honest with you.

    I don't have anyone better in mind, we just need someone. If he's around next year, I'm cheering for a losing season so JP gets ousted haha.

    Thanks for reading Andrew :)