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Kevin James Richardson

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I played for the University of Washington in the early 70's. Jim Owens recruited me into the program and my last two years were under Don James. My position coach was Jim Mora, Sr. I was voted the Most-Improved Defensive Lineman during the first spring practices in 1975 that Don James took the helm. Warren Moon arrived at that same time. I was considered by NFL scouts to be the strongest defensive lineman in the country as I entered my senior year in the fall of 1976. I am currently writing my first book: DAWG DAZE SHADOWS - Commit-To-Believe in What Matters Most! My book is endorsed by my former head coach at the UW - Don James; the past President for Disney Motion Pictures - Mark Zoradi and Daniel G. Amen, MD a NY Times best selling author and the foremost authority on brain scan research and procedures in coping with mental illness related concerns and concussions. He currently heads the clinical study underway with former NFL players. Another immediately recognizeable celebrity is about to lend endorsement as well. When it happens, I'll let you know. Always remember that its one thing to believe, but it's quite another to COMMIT-TO-BELIEVE!!

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