Mathew Danambassis

Mathew Danambassis


Born and raised in Richmond Hill, Ontario.

Hardcore fan of the Detroit Red Wings and AC Milan. That really doesn't describe who I am, but who cares? ;)

Active fan of the NHL and international hockey. Football (as in Fútbol, not American), runs deep in the family, so it's sort of an inheritence, but I still have a strong passion for it.

Red and White is in my blood, and a little black too, since it's another one of AC Milan's colours.

Call me a bandwagon if you wish for supporting a team that is not based in the city I live; but my city does not have an NHL team. I personally see that as an opportunity to support any NHL team I wish. Judging from watching and listening to mostly a mere .500 mark success rate and injury-prone 2009-2010 season with the Wings, I think that portrays my dedication and loyalty to the beloved Red and White. Haha.

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