April Davis

April Davis


I've been fed a diet of college football since I was six (I lived in Australia before that, which made watching the games pretty much impossible - I don't know how my dad survived) and I love it. Just college, though. I can't stand pro football. Once you start working on Sundays, you're dead to me. :)

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  • Joseph Champion posted 988 days ago

    Joseph Champion

    How did you end up a fan of both?

  • Dan Vasta posted 1036 days ago

    Dan Vasta

    Have any predictions on those Horned Frogs for this upcoming season yet?

  • Gerrod Speer posted 1297 days ago

    Gerrod Speer

    Love the comment about working on Sundays!!

  • Alex Ballentine posted 1556 days ago

    Alex Ballentine

    Thanks for liking my article April! I'm hoping TCU can pull off the upset!

  • Travis Normand posted 1575 days ago

    Travis Normand

    Thanks for picking my most recent article on TCU as a favorite! I am kinda new to b/r and I appreciate the support. Glad you liked it. Later!!

  • Chris Herrin posted 1630 days ago

    Chris Herrin

    it is always a man cave for away games :P

  • Ryan Poppert posted 1631 days ago

    Ryan Poppert

    Finally, somebody who agrees with me on the pro football thing. In college, they play the game with tradition, or atleat used to. In Pro, the gets payed then don't really care. With college football, they play the game to earn their way to be pro. I am not big on the Ducks or SMU, but i do cheer on TCU.

  • Puppet Master posted 1706 days ago

    Puppet Master

    What do you think of my No.2 and No.4 choices?

    Doc Masters

  • Puppet Master posted 1710 days ago

    Puppet Master

    Thank you April, you should be busy. It is June, you are young, and the world is out there for you to make your memories of summer.

    Catch up with B/R articles when you have some down time.

    Doc Masters

  • Puppet Master posted 1711 days ago

    Puppet Master

    Calling TCU, calling TCU.......

    Doc Masters