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Imagine an iPhone case that accusations your handset with solar power, is well-matched with development yardstick wireless accusing and views good while looking after your iPhone.

If that clatter like your kind of case, the SolMate iPhone case is a KickStarter venture you should back right now, before the supporting closes and you have to hold back for it to come in retail stores.

The SolMate iPhone case has a solar cell ont he back that is strong adequate to accuse even when your handset is in the sunshade, and the case draws close with an app that aids with power organisation, assuring better iPhone 4S storage battery life and very fruitful operation.

If you aren’t in the sun, you can use a Qi well-matched accusing place to accuse your handset without wires, much in the way that you can use a PowerMat case to wirelessly accuse your iPhone and other gadgets. I truly like that they have adjoined wireless accusing and solar accusing to the matching case, giving you more picks and more value. Perhaps that’s why the assembly now lifted virtually two times their Kickstarter goal.

You can review out a remark from one of the associates behind the venture in the video under where he renders an renew on the improvement and allocations some of the technology behind the SolMate iPhone charger.

The SolMate iPhone case supporting commences at $35 for a T-Shirt, and $99 for a SolMate iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S case. If you are arranging to pay for the iPhone 5, you can back the venture for $129 and get one of the first SolMate iPhone 5 cases. Other supporting stages depart up to $519. Backing closes at 6:23 Eastern February 23rd.

What is Kickstarter?

KickStarter is a crowdfunding website that sanctions everyday gadget lovers like you and me to invest in thoughts and products. By speculating, you can get early entry to to the yield and aid carry chilly supplies to life that might not ever have made it to the market.

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