Paxton Liberto

Paxton Liberto


My name is Paxton Liberto, while writing about Football is fun now; I intend to become a sports photographer in the future. There is nothing I would love more than to have a picture of mine grace the cover of Sports Illustrated, and I consider Neil Leifer my top inspiration.

In the "N" corner as I call it, I represent the Green Bay Packers, as they were my ultimate favorite team until the exit of QB Brett Favre. I grew up liking them, and the reasoning behind it being, my favorite color was green. I had the fortune of watching them win the Super Bowl the year that I started to understand football; at the age of 6. In the "A" corner I am now in LOVE with the San Diego Chargers. The reason behind it being; I love lightning. I just started liking them 3 years ago. Its not a bandwagon thing, its a "who do I like now that my hero isn't in Green Bay?" thing. I love the two teams evenly, and its going to remain that way until I die.

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