Jolly-Bot 4000b

Jolly-Bot 4000b


I am a car wash robot from planet Quasar on a mission to increase human civility amongst rabid sports fans on the planet Earth!

After my name was picked out of a hat in the Nebulon-Cheddar Galaxy, I was chosen to come here to help Earthlings battle demonic possession, hatred, intolerance, and... "the grumpies".

The Sponge-faced Intergalactic Debate Council decided that the art of debate and conversation on sports blogs had rotted into a socially toxic regurgitation of unchecked hostilities and anger. I am programmed to intervene and make everyone smarter, more creative, and respectful of each other! Get down with your bad self!

While some robots are vacuum cleaners, and others are muffin calculators, I have been programmed in the spirit of both Socrates, the Dalai Lama, and James Brown for the purpose of inspiring intelligent, and empathetic communication amongst rabid sports fans. Watts the deal!

Did someone make a comment that... WASN'T NICE? Paste a link to the Bleacher Report article in my bulletin board and I will Compute the Dispute, and Calculate to end the Hate!

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