Jeriel Aponte

Jeriel Aponte


I love the Yankees, I love eating, I like my school

Yes my name is Jeriel Aponte. I was born on August 30th. When I grew up m,y dad watched the yankees so I watched the yankees, and they instantly became my favorite team. I grew up during the yankees run in the late 90's and early 2000's. It was the glory years in my book until they hit a rough patch until 09 when they finally won the title again.

Not only am I a Yankees fan, I'm a nets fan an I'm proud. The first time I got into the Nets they were in the Nba finals and for a 5 year span were one of the best teams in nba until sucking like they do now. I'm also a Giants and the Giants winning their last superbowl has been my favorite sports moment ever.

Besides all that, I'm a HUGE wrestling fan. I was in fortunate that I missed the attitude era although I knew big names such as The Rock, Chris Jericho, and Hulk Hogan. Yeah don't judge me but I started full time watching wwe in early 06. I have been introduced to Cena era and he instantly became my favorite superstar. After like 2 years I learned of the scripted nature of thee wwe and I began viewing wrestling as a soap opera rather then a wrestling. Now its easier to predict whose gonna win and whose not. I often read spoilers and regretting them surely after.

I know why people HATE cena but I can't find myself to hate him although I hate him winning every single time. Its probably because when I first started watching. Cena was the man. I hope I could of seen the attitude era. Well thats my bio. Whats yours.

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    Andres C. to watch TLC kinda messus up sometimes but works most of the time for me.

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