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  • Carson Howell posted 3348 days ago

    Carson Howell

    Understood....I would be pissed if the SEC was in a down year and people bashed them, wont be long before Miami is back to their winning ways, they get Bowden out of Tallahassee, and the Atlantic Coast will be back at the top as a powerful conference.

  • Carson Howell posted 3350 days ago

    Carson Howell

    "No, I just don't care about a site as much as you because I have a life."

    Yeah im just life-less because: I'm not a college student, I don't have a very attractive girl I've dated for years now, I don't have great friends and family to talk and relate to....

    You know NOTHING about me obviously.

    Your being childish Brendan, this is a site for "Big Boys", people who like to write, and would like to possibly make a career out of it someday, not a site for little boys to write vulgar things to others because they don't agree with them.

    If your unable to converse in a friendly, adult-way, this isn't the place for you.

  • Carson Howell posted 3352 days ago

    Carson Howell

    I guess you rarely look at the top 10 anyway, because you have no reason to as an ACC fan, but there are 5 teams from the SEC in the top ten, Bama being 4th down the list(of SEC teams), so calling them the 4th or 5th best team in the conference wouldn't make me a dumbass by any means.

    You should focus on your own writing abilities, possibly enabling you to produce a decent article, instead of critiquing others' opinions, and leaving panzi messages.......I smell a keyboard coward.

  • Tim Croley posted 3368 days ago

    Tim Croley

    Brendan, I probably should not have said all of that. I just was in that kind of mood yesterday. I heard so much crap before the game it's kind of hard not to talk a little back now. Anyway, I hope Clemson has a great season from here on out. I will admit that I was NOT one of the 30,000+ chanting overrated Saturday night. I hope Clemson is not overrated. Because if they are, all that means is Bama beat an overrated team. I'd rather see Clemson win the rest of the season to make Bama look better. Clemson really has a great team, as far as players and talent is concerned, I think. All they really need is a coach to lead them. My apologies, I should have been bigger than that. Good luck on the rest of the season.

  • Tim Croley posted 3369 days ago

    Tim Croley

    I remember your post from Thomas' article on Why Clemson would not finish in the top ten this season. You said something to the tune of Georgia and Oklahoma would be the only two teams that had a chance of beating Clemson and the only two that could finish above Clemson in the polls. You also said to email you any team you thought could finish higher than Clemson. Well, I don't have your email, so your bulletin board will have to do.

    I think the Crimson Tide will finish above Clemson in the final polls. Also, I now know that Alabama should be added to your list of teams that could beat Clemson.

    Thanks. :)