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I am a qualified professional in the construction industry and have grown up and developed my opinions in the inner boroughs of London. Having followed sports and Football and Arsenal specifically, have gained a knowledge and opinion of the game, from having numerous confrontations and arguments in no better place than an english boozer (Battle cruiser).
A lot of my friends are the kind of guys that will drag themselves out of there pits on a Sunday morning to go and punt a sacred piece of hide around a field for their love of the game.
We all know how it works, she's got the soaps and we have the sports. So in the same fashion most women will turn in for work and discuss what happened in Eastender's last night, most fellas as well as some lovely Ladies will get in and have a good chinwag about the footy.
And that is exactly what I love to do, I spend a great deal of time analysing the game from youth level right through to Champions league and International football.
My aim is to get down to the nitty gritty of whats going on around us and to get people together so we can have grown up discussions and take the best of everyones points to establish where we are at.

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