Richard Bailey

Richard Bailey


Commercial Radio Announcer at various stations throughout the Southern part of the country. Now Voice Tracking at Christian Radio Stations and recently launched in Syndication for Radio Stations across the US. Love My Volunteers of Tennessee.

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  • Ken Morley posted 1578 days ago

    Ken Morley


    I think you are operating under the common misperception that college football earns a profit for the schools that participate. The reality is that a few college football programs break even and a VERY few turn a profit. The rest all lose money.

    Accordingly to the Tampa Bay Times, in Florida, only UF's program turns a profit. The rest, including FSU and Miami, lose money.

    So what "cut of the revenue" should the players be entitled to beyond the average $94K per year that D1 schools spend per football player? Should these guys also get $10K a game or something???

    It is a huge opportunity for these players to be able to participate in college football. For most of them, it will be the experience of a lifetime. Plus, assuming they are interested, the athlete can get a high-quality, free education..

    I think most of these whiners need an attitude adjustment. If they don't realize what a great deal they have, then they should decline to participate and just be content with what they already have.