Jonathan Borruso

Jonathan Borruso

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My name is Jonathan, 20 years old who’s aspiring to make a career out of sports media. I’m a freshmen in college at Santa Rosa JC. I am currently an intern as a radio mixer on the home radio station of the Oakland Raiders, A’s, Warriors and Sharks @ 95.7 The Game.

I was raised in Northern California with a huge sports family. I grew up a 49ers, Giants, Warriors, Sharks and Earthquakes fan. Yes is keep up with every single sport daily you can ask my girlfriend.

I will be writing a blog everyday hopefully about what is going on locally around Bay Area sports and also cover any national sports news when I have the time.
I would love to get some major feedback about things I am doing well and other things I can improve on in my writing and also in my blog as a whole.

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