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My name is Adam Denman, and I graduated from Ramapo College of New Jersey with a degree in Communications in the writing concentration. While attending school, I wrote for the school newspaper in the sports section, and became a straff writer and editor. My Father raised me to be a die hard Giants and Yankees fan. His passion of sports rubbed off on me and helped me become a fan that would bleed the colors of their favorite teams. I've been writing since I was 5 years old, and the creativity just became natural to me. I would write songs, poetry and than journalism became my target of interest. I interned for CNBC in the online media department and worked as an editorial intern. While working there, I learned a number of key components for writing stories, and what it takes to get published my a major publication. I have taken numerous classes from writing about music, writing for publication, writing for online media, writing for public relations, creative writing, etc. During school, I've taken all these classes and realized the potential I had to become a serious sportswriter. My favorite sport is boxing because I love the athleticism that ii takes to become a World Championship caliber fighter trying to master the art of the sweet science with defensive prowesss and combination punching. A lot of people think MMA is more skillful than boxing, and boxing is just a few guys punching with no skill at all. The funny thing is in MMA what many guys are lacking is the art of the stand up and stand up fighting derives from boxing. Anyway, this is my bio.. a major fan that has his heart set on becoming a sports journalist but needs to get his work recogonized. I've been published in numerous places but its just so hard to find work even as good as I am.

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