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Hi, nice to meet you here. My name is Sam. I need to say that I know not many people using telephones. I mean landline phones. But it is easier to cope with connection problems because you don’t have them at all. Mobile phones are much more comfortable. And when you don’t know about the existence of “out of coverage” zones you are ok. I was for many years. But I am not any more. I will not tell you much because you already know what I mean. I didn’t think much and decided to purchase gsm repeater AT 700 by AnyTone. Now I want to know the warranty period of it?

Hi, Sam. It is wonderful to meet you. At first we need to admit that there are still many people using landline phones but we agree that the popularity of them is instantly decreasing. This happens because of the fact that mobile telephones are really more comfortable to use and the cost of calls is not high. But sometimes it happens that there is no signal at several places in your house, for example, in the garage or in the kitchen. But it is not a big problem because we can provide you an amazing solution. But you also know about it.

AnyTone AT700 is a good choice. But MyAmplifiers has two questions for you. At first while choosing the gsm repeater did you took into account that different mobile operators don’t work at the same frequency? If not then you have to use our helper to verify it. And at second the 2g repeater you chose is designed for big areas up to 800m2. Do you need such a strong repeater? In any case write to us please because we worry about the satisfaction of our customers. If you have questions we will answer them as soon as possible but you will find many standard questions in FAQ sections.

We provide our devices with one year warranty. It is more than enough and we need to say that all our gsm repeaters work great and in 99% you don’t have to use the warranty. You can read testimonials to prove this fact. And in 14 days term after you order and receive your mobile signal amplifier you can use our return policy. It means that if you are unsatisfied by your extender (it works at the different frequency or you need a stronger/weaker model) you are able to exchange your order. But you must do it unworn, unwashed and in its original package.

Please, take into account that our customers are responsible for paying the shipping costs in case of order return. We do the refund only after the item is checked by our specialists and no harm will be detected. The replacement will take 2-3 weeks depending on the distance.

Good luck and enjoy ideal mobile connection with AnyTone repeaters!

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