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Grammar and Punctuation Tips and Tricks:

Always insert a single space after a period, comma or other punctuation mark. No double spaces.

Only capitalize the first word after using a colon when either completing a first word in a sentence OR the first letter of a proper noun but not with a partial sentence (unless it is used to source attribution).

There is a difference between dashes and hyphens. Use an em dash (—) to show a change of thought or pause in a sentence, not multiple hyphens. Use hyphens (-) for various compounding phrases and modifiers.

Commas and periods always go within the quotation marks.

Watch for comma splices, especially in lists.

Don't use words like today or yesterday.

It's either percentage or percent, never the symbol.

Numbers and ordinals less than 10 need to be spelled out in text.

Never spell out numbers in headlines.

$ + number in numeric + millions/billions (Need headline space? $ + number + M/B)

1960s or 60s, not sixties and no apostrophes.

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