Scott R.  Hansen

Scott R. Hansen


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  • Aaron Antoine posted 2399 days ago

    Aaron Antoine

    Are you getting your sand back?? Actually posting your name up? heh

  • Aaron Antoine posted 2404 days ago

    Aaron Antoine

    Jeez, what happened champ, why'd you take your bio down?

  • Bob Hingst posted 2405 days ago

    Bob Hingst

    Funny stuff! You get medals for pissing people off? Bravo! At first I thought you were a legit writer. Glad to see you are just taking up space in the universe. Keep writing trash, I need more laughs in my day!

  • Michael Gilliam posted 2406 days ago

    Michael Gilliam

    I am a Wahoo Alum. I know all the players of the streak. But I don't like bashers. You bash on your opinion. Pelini is a good coach on his way to greatness. I currently reside in Oklahoma and follow closely the huskers and the program. I know personally some former players of the program. Coach Bo is a good fit. He has passion which you see as a bad thing. I think a coach that backs his players when being wronged is a good thing. You aren't a Husker fan, you truly can't be. Callahan was the cancerous growth of the Huskers. Coach Bo knows more about offense then you ever will. I think your joy is getting peopled riled up by your silly comments. Devaney had the same passion, but TV cameras weren't focused on him as they focus on coaches of today. Same with Mr. Stoops for OU, I have seen him blow up several times, but you don't mention that. Good Day.

  • Scott R. Hansen posted 2407 days ago

    Scott R.  Hansen

  • John Doublin posted 2421 days ago

    John Doublin

    You want to know why you're only getting 1,000 per article? Because you spend more time trying to be controversial than you do on creating quality content. Judging by your bio filled with run-on sentences, and you latest "work" that you have absolutely no clue how to write an informative, well thought out article. You are the personification of arrogance and ignorance. Take your "talent"'re giving the rest of us a bad reputation.

  • kyle jones posted 2601 days ago

    kyle jones

    Scott I love how your excuse for your poorly written material is the fact you have to dumb it down for people in Nebraska.
    It's pretty obvious you aren't a real journalist.

  • Joe Smith posted 2604 days ago

    Joe Smith

    You are a huge fucking prick. Go to hell, you LeBron James cocksucker.