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  • Shut Up posted 1586 days ago

    Shut Up


  • Matt Duplisea posted 1602 days ago

    Matt Duplisea

    Jeff Green and Nenad Krstic have been doing amazing. I am really glad they traded for them. I originally was not happy with the trade at all and thought it was completely stupid. But I've seen what they've been doing and it's awesome. Krstic is a major upgrade from Perk on the offensive end, and obviously Green is a HUGE upgrade from Nate Robinson. Krstic is the starting center (until Shaq returns) and he's been on a tare.

    I thought the defense would take a hit because of it, but honestly it's been just as good. They are 5-1 since the trade. The thing about the Celtics defensive system is that anyone can be put in it, no matter their defensive skills. Ray Allen and Pierce weren't known as great defenders but the system is based greatly on help defense, so that's why they are so good on the D-end.

    Basically, the trade was a great idea. Troy Murphy hasn't shown jack shit yet but I'm giving him a few more games. Basically, the Celtics seem to be stronger because of this trade despite what everyone thought.

  • Matt Duplisea posted 1691 days ago

    Matt Duplisea

    I fanned you, because we are united in our hatred for Bhemis Parks and the Heat. They should have some sort of friend request thing on here too, or something along those lines, so that people can stay in touch with each other.