David Yeazell

David Yeazell


There comes a time when a person realizes they have done all they can do.
Due to personal and professional reasons, the time has come to say goodbye.
My shoes are worn and my cameras are quiet. It's been a good run.
I wish everyone all the best.

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  • Dustin Parks posted 2677 days ago

    Dustin Parks

    This site needs something like this: Please read.


  • Crabber 1967 . posted 2700 days ago

    Crabber 1967 .

    Hello David! My latest article: Walmart Will Not Be Sponsoring Jeff Gordon.

  • Kelly Crandall posted 2718 days ago

    Kelly Crandall

    Hey David,

    Just letting you know I edited your Nemecheck slide. His nickname was "Front Row Joe," and it was listed as "Up Front Joe."

    You can change it back if yours was the correct one. :)

  • Crabber 1967 . posted 2763 days ago

    Crabber 1967 .

    Please read my latest effort (which contains links to my earlier stories about Raymond Parks)
    Raymond Parks: NASCAR's First Championship Owner Dies at the Age of 96.

  • Crabber 1967 . posted 2803 days ago

    Crabber 1967 .

    Hi David!
    Please check out my latest effort:
    The “Indianapolis Effect” on NASCAR Racing in the U.S.
    Let me know what you think!

  • julie lindblad posted 2829 days ago

    julie lindblad

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  • al asifyouknow posted 2858 days ago

    al asifyouknow


  • Travis Smith posted 2863 days ago

    Travis Smith

    Ok I am done with my latest article, read it and tell me what you think about it please!! Thank you

  • John Doublin posted 2870 days ago

    John Doublin

    Something you may enjoy.

  • al asifyouknow posted 2870 days ago

    al asifyouknow