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  • Mark Cereceres posted 2393 days ago

    Mark Cereceres

    I appreciate your insight & comments...perhaps you're right about being my comments being better served by not making it personal...sometimes I just try to get the attention of the author, and sometimes I try to spark a conversation, and that does work sometimes as I have even had authors thank me for the "colorful" comments as they did get a lot of attention. I never mean any harm nor to be offensive. I do hold the B/R in high regards and it is the only site I interact with.

    I agree with you about McDaniels, as he was similar to Mangini in that he didn't always put the best talent on the field, but I suppose that may have had a role in their demise.

    I liked Denver, except when they played the Browns...and I was pulling for Elway to get a Ring before he retired, as much as I was hoping Marino would get one...but football is a team sport with generals on the sidelines calling for the strategies, too many intangibles in football for the game to be won or lost by a single individual.

    My best to you, Bryson!!

  • Mark Cereceres posted 2394 days ago

    Mark Cereceres

    Here's just another prime example of my comments to you, exactly!!
    The article in question: Is Reggie Bush The Next Player On Pat Shurmur's Radar?
    Author: Brian Murtaugh

    NE Ohio posted 1 day ago
    Well, here's the latest installment of Murtaugh churning articles just to get something out to appease the BR Editors.

    A couple months ago he had us trading for Kevin Kolb, even though the Browns front office said they weren't interested. Now he throws out another recognizable name, with no evidence whatsoever that the Browns actually have an interest in him, or that there is any real buzz in town about the possibility of getting him.

    His current salary is just under $12M. He said he'd take a pay cut. How much? To $8M? To $6M?

    Even if you could afford it, on a team with lots of other holes to fill, would you pay $6M to an injury-prone guy (we already have one running back with chronic knee problems) who has totaled just 540 yards rushing the last two seasons, and whose only real value is coming out of the backfield when we already have a guy who can do that?

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    Brian Murtaugh posted about 17 hours ago
    NE, half of the interest surrounding the NFL Lockout is based off of speculation and fan intrigue. The fact that there has been nothing from the Browns organization on Bush does not mean that they are not interested and the Kevin Kolb article was posted before Cleveland announced that they would not be interested in a trade for him.

    Even if the Browns organization isn't interested, this article is making a case for them to be and how Bush could influence this franchise moving forward.

    thanks for commenting.

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    Mark Cereceres posted 2 minutes ago
    NE...regardless of whether you agree with Brian, you are the rightful owner of your own opinions. I don't always agree with Brian, however, he is creative enough to keep us coming back to the B/ keeps you coming back and reading his articles!

    He is filling in the dead spot we are all currently experiencing due to the owners lock-out. If not for Brian and Samantha...who would we read, Grossi? I'd much rather read an Obituary than one of Grossi's!

    Despite whether there is any real substance to what Brian may write about, or whether you agree with him or not, just appreciate that he still finds something to write about that is interesting enough to comment what you just did...until the lock-out is over.

    I don't see you ripping into this NE Ohio person, who by the way, is NOT a very nice person....yet, you jump on me?

    I said before and I'll say it again...IF you are going to police me, then police EVERYONE!

  • Mark Cereceres posted 2398 days ago

    Mark Cereceres

    Hillis actually has excellent hands, and may very well be on of the better RB's catching out of the backfield.

    I respect everyone's opinion and have actually defended many others for their personal entitlement...sure, sometimes I get, maybe aggravated, at some for their matter-of-fact statements, that sprinkle a hint of " I-know-it-all-and -you-know-nothing!" attitude.

    I have met some great people on here, made some loose friendships on here as well. There are some, who are really awful..and you think I am? There are some who are just down-right mean, even to those who write articles for the B/R.

    Mine wasn't mean, mine was in defense of someone making a comment about one of my favorite players, Peyton Hillis. My comments weren't offensive nor belittling...challenging maybe. I will defend a person's right to their opinion as much as I will defend my favorite player, or musician, band...or someone who isn't able to defend themselves.

    I can respect you monitoring and trying to keep in check those who make rude comments, but again, mine isn't rude...and I have SEEN much much worse, but you weren't there keeping them in check. You can't single me out, yet allow others to say much more offensive remarks to others. That in and of itself is disrespectful and offensive..police me yet allow others to get away with the ripping and gouging of words.

    Do as you must, just keep it fair.

    I have had some people REALLY rip on me, once just because I said I like Colt McCoy! I didn't see you coming to my defense!

    I never liked Denver, more because of John Elway! He's one I would not have minded at all seeing in the Brown & Orange...but at the same time, I had great respect for Elway, and still do. They haven't been anything since he retired. However, it does appear Denver is on the right track now.

    My best to you, Bryson!